Fremont-Mills Community School Board of Directors
Eli Forney President
Director District 3
4 year term expires 2023 eforney@fmtabor.org
Trent Jones Vice President
Director - District 5
4 year term expires 2021 tjones@fmtabor.org
Shannon Smith Director - District 1 4 year term expires 2023 ssmith@fmtabor.org
Todd Morgan Director District 2 4 year term expires 2021 tmorgan@fmtabor.org
Keith BarberDirector District 44 year term expires 2023kbarber@fmtabor.org
Kirsten Heard Board Secretary 1 year term begins 7/1/2018 kheard@fmtabor.org
Board Meetings

Regular Fremont-Mills Board of Education meetings will be held on the second Wednesday of each month at the school building. Board meetings regularly begin at 6:00 PM. These meetings are open to the public. Copies of the agenda can be made available at the door upon request, and are available online.

A quorum of board members (three of the five members) must be present for a meeting to take place. All actions authorized or required by law are taken in open meetings. State law allows the board to consider matters of personnel and building site acquisitions in closed session and then vote on them in open session. The Fremont-Mills Board of Education feels that all meetings we have should be open meetings unless there are specific personnel issues to discuss and the individual requests a closed session.