Fremont-Mills High School has a new attendance procedure. The following will take place if a student is constantly absent or truant from school.

  1. 4 days absent - Mrs. Billingsley will meet with the student(s) regarding their attendance and will be notified by letter and/or phone call.
  2. 8 days absent - Note will be sent home. Mrs. Shaw will meet with student(s).
  3. 10 days absent - County Attorney is notified by Mrs. Billingsley. A meeting with parents and student to discuss attendance issues. This meeting is also to notify them if the student(s) reaches 12 days a Mandatory Administrative Attendance Hearing will be scheduled. A copy will be sent to the County Attorney.

During the Attendance Hearing, the student will present documentation of absences to the committee. The committee will review the documentation and will make a decision. The student and parent will receive a letter of the outcome of the meeting.

If the student/parent believes that the attendance hearing committee is incorrect on their findings, the family may appeal the decision.

The Appeals committee is made up of the high school principal. His decision is final.

If the students' appeal is denied, any or all of the following can occur: loss of credit, delay of graduation, credit recovery, and summer school.


If there are any questions or concerns, please call either Mr. Christiansen or Mrs. Shaw at 712-629-2325.

Thank You