The Lied Gymnasium and Wellness Center was completed in the fall of 2010. Memberships may be purchased at the Fremont-Mills High School office.


Monday - Sunday 5 am - 10 pm
School activities may be taking place when in session.
Students and FM faculty may use the facility between the hours of 7am-7pm. Monday-Friday without a membership. Use of facilities outside of this time requires membership purchase.

Individual Membership Fee:

  • $5 - 1 week

  • $20 - 1 month

  • $50 - 3 months

  • $100 - 6 months

  • $200 - 1 year

Family Membership Fee:

  • $30 - 1 month

  • $75 - 3 months

  • $150 - 6 months

  • $300 - 1 year

(Family Membership is defined as up to two adults per household and any K-12 students living in the household.


There is a one-time key card deposit of $20, refundable when returned. Lost or stolen cards will be $20 replacement deposit. Membership cards are not allowed to be shared with others. Allowing others (including minors) to access facility with your access card may result in loss of membership.


  • *No outdoor or open-toed shoes allowed. You must have a second pair of athletic shoes and change before using the equipment.

  • Proper gym attire must be worn at all times. No blue jeans or zippers can come into contact with equipment upholstery.

  • Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times.


  • Students must have someone at least 21 years old accompany them.

  • High school graduates may use the equipment without supervision. High School graduates are considered eligible to use family membership until August 1 following graduation.

  • Elementary children are not allowed to play on the equipment and must have supervision with them at all times. A person 21 years old using equipment does not qualify to supervise children.