Letter to Families

Dear Parents/Guardians;

At this time Fremont-Mills Community School district has extended our closure due to the Coronavirus through April 10th.  We continue to seek guidance from our state governor and health experts as we work through this unprecedented time.  Continued communication will be shared as we learn more and new decisions are made.

Our teaching staff will continue to provide online resources to help support our students’ educational needs during this time.  While we cannot require students to participate, we really hope you encourage your students to stay up to date with the materials.  We hope this brings some stability to our students’ lives during the time of our school closure. Please let your individual teacher know if you are having difficulties.  It is our hope to work with you and meet your students’ needs as best we can. 

The Fremont-Mills school buildings are all closed to the public beginning today, including the majority of the staff, until further notice.  There will be personnel to answer phones between the hours of 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM. However, the doors will be locked and visitors are not allowed in the building.  Parents can reach out to any of the administrators by email.